Poetry and artwork - Henry Denander

The Loulaki Bar

The Loulaki Bar
and other poems from Hydra
by Henry Denander

Published by Miskwabic Press, Calumet, Michigan, in 2009

68 pages of poetry and artwork from Hydra, Greece with 42 full page color reproductions of watercolors and drawings in a perfect bound book.

Poems about life and spending time on a small Greek island; tales about food, poets, bugs, Henry Miller, electricians, cats, plummers, music and weather.

Life and people on a small Greek island, through the eyes of a sensitive and humorous observer.

The title poem tells about an encounter with Leonard Cohen, sometime in the 80's.

Henry Denander bows his head to Henry Miller and paraphrases the first line from The Colossus of Maroussi, when he writes his introduction to The Loulaki Bar: “We would never have gone to Hydra had it not been for a Greek woman named Christina who worked at the Swedish Embassy in Athens in 1985.”

Price $ 10,- plus postage.

All copies are signed and the first 33 copies did include an original water color by Henry Denander.

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A very nice review by B.L. Kennedy, at Rattlesnake Review.

Here’s what people say about the author and the book:

Ronald Baatz
your book is wonderful. i almost never pick up a book of poems and read from cover to cover, but yours was a glorious breeze to read line after line. i loved it. it has a narrative flow that seduces me in a very gentle, very comforting, very meaningful way. the book is a treasure. thank you so much, my friend, for the book, for your love of poetry, for your warmth and for the story that is your life.

Randy Brecker
just a quick note to tell you how much we enjoyed and will continue to
enjoy 'The Loulaki Bar' especially 'Repellants'! Just beautiful water colors too.

Ralph Murre
Beautifully written, beautifully produced. I love "The Flood" best of all.
And your paintings throughout? Magnifico.

Tom Kryss
The poems and watercolors, as always, are first class. After I read and re-read the book a few times, I sat back and had the sort of feeling you get, man, I don't know if I can describe this but I'll try...a warm pastel glow, the cheerful heft of old-fashioned telephones, the elasticity of raindrops shining on the stenciled windows of bookstores... Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness. A very nice introduction by Gerald Locklin, too. It made my day, Henry.

t.k splake
ohhhhh and my what a fine collection of creative art works with a nice statement by gerald locklin, plus your statement regarding the finding of Hydra was for me very very interesting, there is a certain degree of similarity between your island escape and Calumet in the Keweenaw peninsula.