Poetry and artwork - Henry Denander



Most of these paintings are inspired by wonderful blues photographs taken by Ann & Sam Charters; photos that were usually taken when Sam Charters was working as a record producer, recording these bluesmen.

Rectangular Stacks of Lightning

I spent three weeks in Greece in October 2010 and the very first thing I did when I came down there was to take out all my painting gear, brushes, papers, colors and pens but then the days went by and I didn’t touch anything, I didn’t feel like painting until the last days when I suddenly started to do abstracts, which I never had done before, I usually painted things I saw around me in Stockholm or Greece but in some strange way I now made sketch after sketch with abstract forms and figures and added my new French water colors, it was like a stream of consciousness painting and I did like fifteen of them over two days and here they are. 

Bronze sculptures

In 2008 a friend of mine invited me to try making small statues, he is an artist and he was making bronzes at an old foundry in Piraeus, Athens. So these bronze statues are my first attempt, it was fun and I hope I will be able to do it again.


Some of the portraits I've made over the years, of poets, musicians, artists and the like. I will add more as we go along.