Poetry and artwork - Henry Denander

Jazz Duo

Sep 13, 2014

"Saxophone & Trumpet, take 2"

A new take on this duo, inspired by an old black & white photo. 

Blue door - λουλάκι πόρτα

Aug 25, 2014

Our blue Greek door, it sure needed to be painted...

Greek still-life

Aug 21, 2014

French watercolors, Greek stuff. And two cats.
Painting made today.

Tenor, 2014

Aug 21, 2014

A brand new take on a tenor saxophone player,
I wonder how many of these I've done over the years?

Man in blue pin-striped suit

Aug 18, 2014

August is warm here on Hydra, we are still waiting for the Meltemi wind.

Here a new painting "LC in the Port, 1985",  loosly based on seeing the Canadian songwriter/poet having his coffee at the Sailing Café, wearing his traditional pin-striped suit in the morning sun.

Click to enlarge.


Guitar man

Jul 27, 2014

A new painting: "Guitar man with white shirt".

We moved to a new home, to a house where I have a studio on the ground floor. My wife calls it a Man-cave. Anyway, I started to paint a little.  

Ohh, I almost forgot how to update my website, I have to shape up! Will do. 

Click to enlarge.

Mark Hartenbach Trio

Aug 21, 2013

I once did some illustrations for a book by poet Mark Hartenbach. Here are three of my takes on Mark - he's a man of many talents indeed.

Handcarved Rubber Stamps

Aug 15, 2013

Here's a few of the rubber stamps I've made, some of the music ones.
I've done a bunch of rubber stamps since I started to do mail-art again. Click through and get enlarged images. 

Floor Plan

Aug 9, 2013
I sent this sketch of our house in Greece to my mailart friend in Canada, Ross Priddle. Hopefully he will understand nothing. That was the plan anyway...

Recent Hydra painting

Jul 27, 2013
A new painting from Hydra, sort of a blurred view, after too much sun in your eyes.